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Our mission is to work together as states, under the authority of Article V of the U.S. Constitution, to find solutions to the problems of our country that are not being properly addressed by the federal government. 

Our desire is to convene in a politically pure environment comprised only of state legislators. The intent of the framers was to ensure the government derives its power from the will of the people, and this must be done only through their elected state representatives and not special interest groups. No outside organization is allowed to be involved in any way. 

The first step is to discuss and draft an agenda for a convention of the states for the sole purpose of writing the rules that would govern any Article V conventions for proposing amendments. 

Establishing these rules will: 
     (1) cultivate the communication and interaction of state legislators; and 
     (2) ensure that a prudent and cautious process is put in place to govern all future deliberations of the body; and 
     (3) eliminate the distraction around the process of an Article V Convention, thus allowing Article V applications to be analyzed on the merits of their subject matter. 

Through this process the states will naturally begin discussions on possible solutions. At the same time, it is prudent to begin by putting rules and procedures in place that bring transparent integrity to the process that was specifically left to the states by our founders.


The Assembly exists for the primary purpose of defining the rules and procedures under which a Convention of the States to propose amendments would operate. Article V of the Constitution provides the states the authority to call a convention for the specific purpose of drafting a proposed amendment, but the rules of such a meeting are not outlined in the Constitution. 


The Assembly of State Legislatures is comprised only of currently-serving state legislators.  No outside organizations or individuals are allowed to participate.  This is to ensure that we operate in a politically pure environment that represents the will of the people whom have elected us.


America is made up of united  States, not just red or blue states, and ASL strives to follow the moto of E Pluribus Unum.  That is why ASL includes both major political parties.  The rules and procedures of an Article V convention are not partisan, therefore we ensure an equal voice in our proceedings.


 Get to know The Assembly of State Legislatures Executive Committee, their diverse backgrounds and unique qualifications. The Executive Committee features representation from both majority and minority parties. 

“The Congress. . . on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments”

The Constitution of the United States, Article V